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A bollard is a short post that secures an entrance or perimeter.

Crash tested bollards and high security bollards are perfect solution for high security vehicle entrances such as military and governmental buildings.

There are also various types of security bollards such as: Fixed bollards, removable bollards, hydraulic bollards, pneumatic bollards, automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, collapsible bollards, retractable bollards and crash tested bollards.


What is Bollard made of?

Bollard materials change with security requirement, but they are generally made of heavy strong steel.

Stainless steel bollards are common as these bollards have elegant appearance with corrosion resistance. Carbon steel bollards with paint is another solution with low cost.

Regular cast iron bollards can be seen on streets where low-cost is emphasized.


What does Bollard look like?

Bollard looks like a short steel post that stands on ground.

Bollard shape can change with required dimensions. Most common shape is circular where bollard is like a steel pipe. Other types such as triangular bollard, pentagon bollard, square bollard etc. can be easily manufactured.

If aesthetic appearance is important, decorative bollards can be produced with architectural shapes.

To become visible at night, bollards can be equipped with LED, reflective stickers or flashing lights.

Bollards can be linked via chain to secure perimeter from pedestrians.


How to install bollards?

Reinforced concrete pits are used for bollard installation. Surface mount bollards do not require any pit. However, shallow mount bollards, hydraulic bollards, pneumatic bollards etc. generally installed in pit.


How does Bollard work?

Hydraulic bollards can be operated with push button, remote control, loop detector or IoT mobile application easily. Hydraulic bollards work with up and down movement.

Removable bollards are removed easily with internal lock mechanism.

Semi-automatic bollards are working with internal gas piston mechanism. Semi-automatic bollards are pushed down with manpower and raise automatically with the help of gas piston.

Bollards Types


Crash tested bollards, industrial bollards and residential type bollards are as follows;


-        Hydraulic Bollards

-        Hydraulic Bollards (Built in Pump design Bollards)

-        Fixed Bollards

-        Removable Bollards

-        Foldable Bollards

-        Plastic Bollards

-        Lighting Bollards

-        Surface Mount Bollards

-        Shallow Mount Bollards

-        Triangular Bollards