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Have you ever imagined your multi-million-dollar investment being lost in a blink of an eye?  Your investment does not have to be one of those stories. Road blockers can save you millions.

Governments and private companies invest millions of dollars in the construction of different facilities such as data centers, commercial buildings, recreational facilities, government offices, oil& gas, water conversion and power plants to name a few. However, without road blockers at the entrances, the investment can evaporate in seconds and a lot of people’s lives can be lost.


Why road blockers?

With the increase of terror attacks around the globe, the need for security increases every single day. The vehicle carrying explosives can weigh several tons and if this vehicle is not stopped at the gate, it can turn the compound into ashes in a matter of minutes if not seconds. Road blockers can stop vehicles loaded with explosives to forcefully enter the compound. Road blockers are designed specifically to stop heavy trucks travelling at high speed.

If an unauthorized vehicle tries forcefully to enter the premises, it crashes onto the road blocker. The road blocker absorbs the energy from the vehicle and transfers it safely to the ground.

Hence, both the compound and the people present in it are saved from the deadly attack.


Photo 1. Optima Road Blockers at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Site, Kuwait.




What are the road blockers?

Road blockers also known as wedge barriers are comprised of mainly two parts.

a)     The steel part and

b)    The power/drive unit.

Road blocker steel part is installed in the middle of the road to block access to unauthorized vehicles. The steel part of the road blocker is responsible for stopping the vehicles. This part of the road blocker is usually painted with reflective yellow and black stripes for easy visibility. But, they can be painted in any other color as long as the paint is reflective enough to be seen at night.

The power/drive unit of the road blocker provides the power that moves the steel part up and down. The power/drive unit of the road blocker can be a hydraulic, pneumatic, or electromechanical system.


How to operate road blockers?

Road blockers are operated by the guard using desktop control keyboard. When the vehicle reached the gate, the guard checks the vehicle, questions the vehicle’s driver, and checks the driver’s accompanying documents & ID. Once the driver and the vehicle get a security clearance, the guard presses the down button on the road blocker control keyboard. The road blocker goes down, the traffic light turns green and the vehicle enters the premises.

As soon as the vehicle passed the loop cable, the road blocker automatically starts moving back up and the traffic light turns red. Also, the road blocker can be risen by pressing the up button on the keyboard.

Photo 2. Optima Road Blocker Desktop Control Keyboard

Furthermore, road blockers can be integrated with access control & fire alarm systems for monitoring, control, fire alarm, and emergency operation.

a)     Monitoring: The road blocker up & down status can be seen through an access control panel

b)    Control: The road blocker can be moved up or down through access control panel


c)     Fire Alarm: The road blocker is programmed to go down automatically in case fire alarm is activated. This allows vehicles to escape from the compound and fire trucks to enter the premises.

d)    Emergency: The road blocker is programmed to go up automatically in case of an emergency or threat (other than fire).  The road blocker will rise and block the entrance. The emergency can be activated by pressing the panic/emergency button placed in the guardhouse or security control room.

Additionally, road blockers can also be integrated with access control devices such as;

a)     RFID/long-range card or tag readers,

b)    Proximity card readers or

c)     Biometric readers,

d)    Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system and

e)    Wireless RF remote controls.

However, the operation of road blockers using these devices is not recommended because they pose a security threat to the site. Unauthorized people that have access to the authorized card, vehicle tag or license plate will be able to enter the premises, simply because the road blocker goes down once a signal is received from the authorized access control device.

Therefore, the most secure way is to operate the road blocker using desktop control keyboard placed in the guardhouse after security check and clearance.

On the other hand, road blockers are equipped with the manual hand pumps which can be used to operate the road blockers in case of power outage. Also, if the client does not want to operate the road blocker manually, hydraulic accumulator kit or dry batteries with dc motor & pump kit can be provided to operate the road blockers several times in case of power loss.


How to choose a suitable road blocker for your project?

Road blockers are manufactured in different shapes and sizes based on the applications and site conditions.

The width of the road blocker can vary from 2m to 6m. The types of road blockers can be divided mainly into four groups depending on the installation.

      i.         Full-depth type road blockers

These road blockers require a depth of more than 1m for installation. They are the first generation of road blockers.




     ii.         Shallow mount type road blockers

These road blockers require less depth compared to type 1. Hence, they are preferred in projects where there is depth constraint of less than 50cm.


   iii.         Surface mount type road blockers

These road blockers are mainly used in places where there is an existing concrete base, or the ground can be excavated up to 30cm maximum. These road blockers are fixed on the surface of the concrete slab. Normally, the power/drive unit is supplied embedded to the road blocker. Hence, installation becomes easy.



   iv.         Mobile type road blockers

Mobile road blockers, also known as movable road blockers, are the best solution to places where temporary closure of the road is required. It can be a site which operates for a few months and then moves to a different location or even a temporary border or traffic control. Mobile type road blockers are supplied with solar panels, hence, they can be moved, installed, and operated easily anywhere without relying on the power source from outside.

All in all, depending on the nature of your site and application, you can choose the road blocker from the types indicated above. But, if you cannot decide on the type of road blocker for your project, then you can directly contact Ulgen Industrial Systems Inc. for optimized solution per your site conditions.


How to install road blockers?

Installation of the road blockers can vary depending on the type of road blocker in question.

Nevertheless, the installation can be done very easily by following a step-by-step installation manual supplied with you along with the Optima Road Blockers. If still additional technical support is required before, during or after the installation of the road blockers, you can seek help from the Optima engineering support team through email, phone, or WhatsApp.

The team has years of experience in design, manufacturing and installation of the road blockers and is readily available for help upon request.


Are road blockers worth the money?

The road blockers procurement and installation can cost a few thousand dollars. However, the security ensured by the road blockers is priceless. The decision is solely up to the investor. Nonetheless, with the road blockers, you can save millions in construction of the facilities from scratch and more importantly you can save the lives of the people working/living in the facilities.