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·       Turnstiles provide Controlled Acess Systems for pedestrians.

·       Turnstiles control pedestrian flow or traffic allowing one person to pass at a time.

·       In addition to controlling pedestrian flow or traffic, turnstiles generally allow people to pass who are authorized.

·       Access through a turnstile can be performed by card readers, finger print readers, ticket readers, biometric readers, coins or with some other options.

What is the area of usage for turnstiles?

·       Turnstiles are being used in a very wide range of applications such as industrial areas (plants, factories), offices, buildings, malls, supermarkets, fitness centers, stadiums, parks and in many more applications!

What may be types of turnstiles? How should the model/type be selected?

·       Turnstiles include many types and models.

·       An efficient way of selecting proper turnstile type/model is to determine the aim of use, area of use and consider user requirement.

·       So, how can we group controlled access system for pedestrians; in other words the turnstiles? Manual Swing Turnstiles, Automatic Swing Turnstiles, Full Height Turnstiles (Double – Single), Half height turnstiles (Double -Single) , Tripod Turnstiles, Revolving Doors, Drop Arm Turnstiles, Speed Lanes, Speed Gates, Flap Barriers, Sliding Speed Gates, Glass Full Height Turnstiles.

·       Turnstiles may be installed with more than one lane/passage allowing two or more pedestrians to enter the same area at the same time from different lanes.


What requirements do turnstiles meet?

·       Controlled access for pedestrians


·       Aesthetics

o   Good looking, stainless steel design with glass wings or stainless steel arms

o   Different colors.


·       Durability

o   Suitable for harsh outdoor conditions (outdoor turnstiles),

o   Suitable for frequent usage.


·       Quality

o   Long-term usage

·       Customization

o   Customized according to user requirements.

·       Mobile Control

o   IOT (Optional)

How to install turnstiles?

·      Installation of the turnstiles can vary depending on the type of turnstiles in question.

·      Nevertheless, the installation can be done very easily by following a step-by-step installation manual supplied with you along with the Optima Turnstiles. If still additional technical support is required before, during or after the installation of the road blockers, you can seek help from the Optima engineering support team through email, phone, or WhatsApp.

·      The team has years of experience in design, manufacturing and installation of the turnstiles and is readily available for help upon request.


Optima Turnstiles Model

-       V100/200/300/400 Turnstiles (Waist Height Turnstiles)

-       F100 Turnstiles (Full Haight Turnstiles)

-       HG100,C100,SGG100,DA100 Turnstiles (VIP Turnstiles)

-       RAG100,M100 Turnstiles(Handicapped ADA Turnstiles)