Optima SG series sliding gates are designed for military, commercial and industrial applications. Sliding gate is suitable application to close the entrances completely. Height and width can be varied according to site requirements. Optima sliding gates operation achieved by electric motor or manually as an option.

Drive unit is electromechanical, but in case of power failure sliding gate can be lowered or lifted manually with the help of release gear mechanism. With the help of controlled electronics, raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off key switch etc. Besides, safety accessories like photocells, inductive loop detectors, flashing lights or red/green lights can be integrated to the system.

STANDARD FEATURES IN SG SERIES (electromechanical details are considered with ESGO4000 operator)

Gate width 2-12 mt
Environmental durability Red oxide painted, finishing with painted yellow & red stripes (‘STOP’ warning in the front)
Structure Heavy duty
Type of steel S235/RAEX250-Quality 37 minimum
Red/green LED traffic light Available, 200mm diameter, steel post 2m height and electrostatic ally powder coated
Power 220 V, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz (3 phase option available)
Power failure By Allen key
Push button box Raise, lower, stop (optional)
Extra I/O Enough I/O’s to connect any card reader, extra override keyboard etc. later on
Proximity switch Available to sense the position of the gate
Loop detector This detector is used for safety
Power back-up system options UPS
Motor Power 1.5/2.2 kW
Environmental conditions -15/+65°C, 95% humidity

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