Mechanical Tyre Killers

MTK-100 Mechanical Tyre Killer is one of the high security vehicle access control systems. The Tyre Killer provides high security for sensitive areas (banks, military bases, airports, embassies etc) against forced and unauthorized entry or exit of motor vehicles. Tyre Killer's teeth consist of three groups of teeth with each group having three teeth. This means, the teeth lower to the ground in threes as the vehicle passes over. After the vehicle's tyres pass over, the teeth raise up to its default position automatically. If an attempt to pass through the Tyre Killer from the opposite direction is made, tyres of the unauthorized vehicle will definitely be destroyed immediately, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is inactivated. With the help of a mechanism, namely Latch Down Mechanism (optional), attached to the Tyre Killer, each teeth group can be locked individually at lowered position when desired. Latch Down Mechanism’s unique design allows it to be easily locked by one person. These mechanical lowering mechanisms (Latch Down Mechanism) are placed near to each teeth group on the Tyre Killer.