M100 Series Turnstiles

Motorized turnstiles are prefered in specific applications, as they bring some advantages for the users. Some of these advantages are as follows; 
- they are motorized, the passing person need not use his hands (supermarket applications, etc.) 
- there are no obstacles in front of the passing person (VIP entrance applications, etc.) 
- arm length is longer than tripod turnstiles, therefore they are ideal as material entrance gates 
- emergency exits (fire, earthquake, etc.)
Control electronics utilised in the turnstile is microprocessor controlled. Every kind of card readers, optical sensors or alarm inputs from other systems can be integrated to the control electronics very easily. Cabinet is either AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel (brushed or pre-formed) or A1 Quality Steel (Galvanized+Painted+Baked). Mechanism has the ability to turn in both directions and when is at closed mode, the mechanism is locked by a solenoid driven sub-mechanism therefore damages that will occur to the mechanism by pulling /pushing the arm in closed mode are prevented.