F100SDR Series Turnstiles

F 100SDR Series Motorized Glass Full - Height Turnstiles are aesthetical solution for unmanned entrances and high level of security requirements. Only one person is permitted to pass on each turn of the turnstile. This is achieved by three/four group of wings, standing 120/90 degrees apart on the square/triangular cross sectioned rotor beam. Frames have a width of 100mm and a thickness of 2mm. Frames are manufactured with the same material of the rotor beam i.e., If the rotor beam is AISI 304/316 quality stainless steel, the frames are AISI 304/316 quality brushed sheet stainless steel as well. Advanced micro processor controlled electronics; fine mechanics processed on CNC machines; contactless position sensing technology; hydraulic damper with adjustable damping ratio; self-centering mechanism design and rust preventing precautions are same of the main factors resulting F 100SDR Series Motorized Glass Full Height Turnstiles’ trouble-free, long operation life. No vibrations and noise occur during operation, with the help of the servomotor and the strong hydraulic damper. Rotor, wings, body and the roof are either AISI 304/316 Quality Mirror/Satin Polished Stainless Steel or A1 Quality Carbon Steel/Extrusion Aluminum (hot dip galvanized + RAL 7032 emboss flint stone gray polyester powder coated + furnaced) or any combination of them. 
F 100SDR Series Motorized Full Height Turnstiles are designed to operate between -150C and +550C. Control electronics utilized in the turnstile is microprocessor controlled. The time that the turnstile waits open after the reader input is 30 seconds and can be arranged in 6 steps as multiplies of 5 seconds. As a solution for the applications where there is ‘high’ flow in ‘both’ directions, the electronics has the ability to remember 10 readings with respect to the reader side and give permission respectively. Control electronics has trigger inputs, sensor inputs, alarm inputs/outputs, solenoid outputs, led way- mode indicator outputs, ‘cycle (one turn) completed’ outputs, counter outputs, battery inputs and buzzer outputs.