E100 Series Turnstiles

E 100 SERIES turnstiles are designed for the applications where the primary concern is narrow space and most economical solution. The small spaced cabinet is the main difference from the other tripod turnstiles in the product range, as the same mechanism, control electronics and tripod assembly is used. When E100 series turnstiles are compared to V100 series turnstiles, E100 series turnstiles are more economical.Advanced microprocessor controlled electronics; fine mechanics processed on CNC machines; contactless position sensing technology; hydraulic damper with adjustible damping ratio and hardened steel cam manufactured on CNC machines are some of the main factors resulting E 100 Series turnstiles' trouble-free, long operation life. Mechanism, electronics and led-matrix way-mode indicators are reached through the top lid while control electronics from the bottom lid. A special triangle shaped key is used to open top lid. In all of the E 100 Series turnstiles, pre-figured AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel top lid is standard, either the cabinet is stainless steel or A1 quality painted steel. Although this may seem to be a very small detail, it turns out to be an important aesthetical factor for the users.