V400 Series Turnstiles

Designed especially for the VIP entrances, head quarters/branch buildings of companies, government facilities etc., V 400 Series Tripod Turnstiles are the unique solution as aesthetics, security, reliability and quality come all together. Granite top lid is standard in all models. Advanced microprocessor controlled electronics; fine mechanics processed on CNC machines; contactless position sensing technology; hydraulic damper with adjustible damping ratio and hardened steel cam manufactured on CNC machines are some of the main factors resulting V 400 Series Turnstiles’ trouble-free, long operation life. Both outdoor and indoor installations are possible by the help of AISI 304 Stainless Steel and A1 Quality Steel (galvanized+ painted+ baked) cabinet alternatives. Every kind of card readers can be integrated to the control electronics; besides alarm inputs and outputs are also available. Turnstile can be supplied either fail-locked or fail-open; i.e. will stay locked or will freely rotate when electricity is off. Led-matrix way-mode indicators are not available in V 400 Series Turnstiles, instead red/green lights on top of granite lid are available as optional accessories.