SG-CT Series Crash Tested
Automatic Sliding Gates

Optima SG-CT series crash tested automatic cantilever sliding gates are designed for high traffic military, commercial and industrial applications. This product is crash tested on 22 June 2016 and successfully achieved a performance classification of IWA14-1:2013 Gate V/7200(N3C)/80/90:0.0. Crash tested cantilever sliding gate height is 2.5m and the gate has 4,5m opening width. OPTIMA designs and manufactures gates up to 3m heights. There is not a standard length for cantilever gates but ga tes up to 12m have already been designed and manufactured. As the gate is cantilever, there is not a track on the road surface which slows down the traffic flow. Similarly there are no wheels under the cantilever door. All the gate is covered by galvanised sheet metal. There are adjustable mechanisms which keep the door vertical and in line. Also these adjustable mechanisms reduce noise and vibration during operation. This sophisticated design enables the complete system move smoothly and exactly vertical. Buttresses are fixed to the ground by steel anchors. Both crash tested cantilever sliding gates and the buttresses are sand blasted, primer coated and then painted to yellow with black stripes. There is a "STOP" sign in the middle of the gate.

When used with OPTIMA ESGO 4000, sliding gates with a weight up to 5000kg can be operated. With the help of the advanced electronics any type of speed control like slow start, fast linear motion and slow stop, can be achieved. This facility brings increased vehicle passing capacity without losing any degree of security.