Pneumatic Rising Roadblockers

Being a very reliable alternative to the hydraulic road blockers, pneumatic road blockers are an efficient way of solution if there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high security applications. As the construction is completely the same with the hydraulic rising road blockers, the strength of the construction is the same. The number of pistons used per road blocker increases due to the low pressure achieved in pneumatic systems. Besides, the piston diameters are larger when compared to hydraulic systems because of the same reason. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it is not possible for the vehicle to move any further. In standard, the constructive design is made to stop any vehicle with the impact load of 7.5 tons of weight, moving with 60 miles per hour; i.e. Optima designs according to K 12 standards. Drive is pneumatic, therefore in case of power failure road blocker can be lowered or lifted with the help of the pressurised air in the air storage tank. Typical raise/lower time is 3 seconds, but it is possible to design the system to raise/lower in 1.5 seconds.