Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems

OPTIMA UVIS-100 systems are designed with advanced security technology to scan, inspect and record underside of vehicles. Especially, these systems are used for entrances where there is a threat of suicide vehicle attack with bomb or for the entrances that have very high security requirements like army, industrial, governmental and commercial buildings, sites, complexes etc.
UVIS-100 Under vehicle inspection system provides users needed safe area, thereby capturing and monitoring underside image of the vehicles with high-resolution auto digital line scanning camera. As well as these, the system specifies suspicious objects after undervehicle scan process and takes them into a frame on the monitoring screen. The system is able to handle any vehicle moving at speeds between 0-40 km/hr and can perform bidirectional scanning from both sides.
Thanks to UVI system's advanced electronics; many type of security systems such as, road bollards, road blockers, barriers etc. or plate recognition systems can be integrated to the system very easliy. Optima automatic number plate recognation systems (OPTIMA ALPR-100) read and store vehicle number plates with that specific undercarriage image of UVIS system. Therefore, becomes possible for the user to search and compare with other images.
User interface of the software is very friendly and useful for operators. Web interface allows to monitor recorded informations from anywhere in the world.