Electromechanical Barriers

Electromechanical barriers are designed for the controlled flow of traffic, especially for the parking places. Cabinet; including body, top lid,front lid and anchoring plate are all manufactured using A1 Quality Steel (Galvanizde+Painted+Baked). Standart color is RAL 2004 Orange. Arm is aluminum with a special cross section design. This special designs enables the safety gasket to be mounted under the arm, besides increase the arms' inertia (i.e. increased durability against impacts, wind froce etc.) Control electronics is microprocessor controlled, Every kind of radio control receiver cars, safety photocells, open/close buttons, loop dedectors, flashing lights etc. can be integrated to the control electronics easily. Closing the barrier can be utilized by automatic time delay facility, as well as inputs from other sources. Time delay can be adjusted vetween 0-50 seconds.